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Concrete Finish Options

by Concrete Craft

Stained concrete is becoming increasingly popular for floors, patios, driveways, and countertops. Here’s everything you need to know about concrete finishes.

Stained Concrete Colors


Copper Brown


Golden Brown

Dark Walnut



Pearly Grey

Concrete stain colors are most often earth tones. They give the concrete a luxurious finish. You can choose from any number of colors like mocha, auburn, pearl gray, copper brown, slate, and more.

Concrete stains come in two categories. One is an acid-based chemical stain. The other is a water-based acrylic. Either can be used on new or old concrete.

Concrete: Your Home's Most Durable Material

Did you know that as concrete ages, it gets stronger and can last for thousands of years? Concrete wasn’t always the go-to when thinking about home interiors, but it’s gaining in popularity. And why not with those attributes?

Concrete’s durability coupled with its versatility to become a beautiful home interior product is elevating it to a much-desired home design element.

Stained concrete is becoming an increasingly popular option for floors, patios, driveways, and countertops. 

Stained Concrete Projects

Stained concrete is fairly inexpensive and offers unlimited design options. The finish on your concrete project can range from a glossy finish to a more textured surface. Concrete finishes can also simulate natural stone or wood plank patterns.

Adding concrete countertops to your interior or outdoor kitchen offers you many design options. You can go with a more industrial look and leave it its natural color or go with a number of color and finish choices.

Concrete flooring opens up a new world of choices. They are easy to maintain and are great for allergy sufferers. They don’t hold on to dust mites or other allergens and no worries about mold and bacteria.

There are many design options you can choose when putting in a concrete patio. You can go with stained concrete, textured concrete, or stamped concrete with a number of pattern choices.

A simple concrete driveway will be very durable and require little maintenance. If you want to enjoy those qualities and add a little pizzazz to the entrance to your home, the possibilities are numerous.

Enhance the curb appeal of your home with a two-tone driveway with a border around it, stamped concrete, or stained, patterned concrete.

Planning to Add Concrete Finishes to Your Home?

Now that you know all you need to know about concrete finishes, are you thinking about adding stained concrete countertops, a stained concrete patio, or stained concrete floors to your home?


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