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Why Rubber Resurfacing?

Rubber resurfacing provides comfort and safety for multi-use floors such as pool decks, kids playrooms, home gyms, and basement game rooms. It reduces noise transmission and is
naturally slip resistant, impact absorbing, and is EPA safety approved for use with children. 

Popular for both commercial and residential applications, Concrete Craft’s rubber surfacing system has many benefits:

Does not retain heat


Stain, odor, and moisture resistant

Reduces sound travel and echo

Long lasting, will not shrink or crack

Bridges heaving, cracks, and surfaces deformation

Anti-microbial / anti-fungal

Colorfast and easy to maintain

ConcreteCraft Nashville has partnered with Rubcorp Distribution, the unmatched authority in the rubber surfacing industry. Installed in resorts and spas worldwide, we use the highest quality EPDM rubber chemistry to create the ultimate decking solution for your backyard pool or home gym. This proprietary resurfacing system is blended and crafted on-site by factory trained installers according to the highest industry standards.

A Cooler Pool Deck for Summer Season Comfort

If you’ve ever experienced the “dog days of summer”, you know just how hot concrete can be on tender feet. Isn’t it time to stop having to do the fastfeet tiptoe sizzle step from shade to water? The superior cooling of a RubberKoat pool deck allows you to maximize your walking and lounging experience poolside, but even wet feet will experience greater traction and reduce dangerous slips and falls.

Safer & Quieter Flooring for Gyms, Weight Rooms, and Fitness Centers

When it comes to fitness, it’s important to keep solid footing for proper form and execution. There is no greater exercise solution than RubberKoat floors. RubberKoat provides a safer floor for HIIT, weightlifting, and BARRE while reducing sound travel from equipment and dropped weights.

RubberKoat ensures superior traction two ways – 1, reducing unintended slips or misfootings during exercise, and 2, ensuring grip with any style of shoe. Rubber is extremely effective at creating traction due to the molecular structure of rubber polymers. In commercial settings, this can mean lower liability, and in residential settings, this can mean peace of mind.

RubberKoat resurfacing will add 3/8” of rubberized surfacing to your floor, creating an additional layer of sound absorption that will transform jumps and stomps into barely noticeable footsteps. Combined with the ability to reduce floor vibration, RubberKoat flooring creates a quieter and more peaceful gym environment for cardio, weight machines, yoga, and even olympic weight lifting.

Rubber Flooring Color Options

Rubber flooring is cool to the touch, and creates for safer walking surfaces and look aesthetically pleasing. ConcreteCraft Nashville offers a variety of eye catching patterns and color options ranging from subtle to dramatic that will enrich any indoor or outdoor home experience.

A sampling of our most popular color blends.







*Due to variations in concrete composition, age surface conditions, surface preparation, and application technique, exact color will vary.

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The Benefits of Installing Rubber Flooring

Available for Commercial & Residential Projects

Whether it’s a business or at home for a gym, family space, kids play area, pool deck, patio, or driveway, Concrete Craft will bring you quality rubber surfacing that will enhance and protect your spaces for years of beauty and enjoyment.

Long Lasting;
will not shrink or crack






Reduce Noise and Vibrations


Stain, Odor and
Moisture Resistant


Many colors
and color blend




Incredible resilience, flexibility, and durability





Rubber Flooring Installation - An Easy Process

Ready to experience the benefits of RubberKoat flooring? Use our contact form on our website to schedule an introductory call with our service team. On our call, we will learn about your project, location, budget, and get the full picture on your needs. We’ll discuss your project sizing requirements (in square feet), your favorite color options, reasonable timelines for installation, and schedule an in home consultation. Once we have the information we need, we’ll provide you an estimate, and you’ll be able to pay a 35% deposit down on the estimate to get added to our jobs calendar.

Prior to starting your project, we’ll give you a call to let you know what days to expect our crew, and to cover any remaining details prior to installation start. Ready to begin? Visit our contact page today and learn why ConcreteCraft is your go to provider of RubberKoat flooring solutions.