Flake Floor System

by Concrete Craft of Nashville

Flake flooring offers a visually appealing and durable coating for high-traffic, concreted areas such as warehouses, garages and driveways. The range of colours and chip sizes and textures also means that this type of floor coating can be altered to suit your desired purpose or aesthetic.

Flake flooring is a great option when concrete surfaces need a much-needed boost. Stained, old, tired-looking concrete will benefit from the application of flake floor coating, improving its appearance and durability. What’s more, it offers a stain, scratch and chemical resistant surface, as it can be applied with no joins, resulting in a seamless application.


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Why Flake Flooring systems are becoming the go to choice for homeowners and garage warriors.


Flake floor systems come in all types of shapes and color options. From Concrete Craft, explore our color options below:


Flake floor systems can be an economical way to preserve the integrity of your garage while giving additional curb appeal. In the greater Tennessee area, you’ll generally expect to pay between X – Y per square foot for Flake Flooring systems.

Why professional vs. a DIY kit?

Sometimes for your home, it’s worth sacrificing a little extra to ensure the job is done right. With our team of concrete professionals, we have the experience and know-how to ensure you have a completed project that we can guarantee. Being bonded, insured, trained, and then guaranteeing our work means that you don’t need to worry about whether or not your flake floor system will last. Not only that, but we use higher quality materials than what area available in most flake flooring DIY kits, which is why you’ll also get better results when hiring a professional.

Flake Floor System Installation Process






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