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Stamped Concrete Service In Nashville, TN

by Concrete Craft of Nashville

If you’re looking to redo your driveway or patio in Nashville, TN, then look no further than stamped concrete. This affordable option not only increases your home’s resale value but gives you endless options for curb appeal and updates your home or office’s exterior.


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Benefits of Stamped Concrete and a Stamped Concrete Finish

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Reclaimed Wood Plank



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Ashlar Slate

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Roman Slate

If you’re looking to redo your driveway, walkway, or patio, then consider stamped concrete. It not only gives your home or office an updated appearance but adds curb appeal as well.

Cost Efficient

One of the biggest benefits of stamped concrete is the cost. Since paver installation is often more labor-intensive, the cost is higher. Stamped concrete allows your home or business to benefit from the appearance of pavers, without the hefty price tag.

Less Expenses

Since pavers are heavy and require special delivery to your home or office, there is an additional expense. This isn’t the case with textured concrete or a stamped concrete patio.

Low Maintenance

In addition to the price, stamped concrete boasts years of low-maintenance and curb appeal. As pavers loosen over time, they often need to be replaced or repaired. This isn’t the case with stamped concrete.

Less Worry

You won’t have to worry about resetting stones or replacing chipped, cracked pavers. These repairs add up over time, making stamped concrete the obvious choice.

Less Risk

Another benefit of stamped concrete is that the stones don’t come loose, as they do with pavers. This reduces the risk of falling or tripping, something especially important for children and the elderly, as well as customers coming to your place of business. This is also important during the winter when snow and ice are on the ground, or during the rain.


When choosing the textured finish of your choice, you can select a variety of colors and stamp shapes, perfect for any style of home or office. Pavers don’t allow you to choose from this many style options, making concrete with an imprinted finish the best choice for those looking for a unique walkway, driveway, or patio.

Types of Concrete With a Stamped Finish​

When choosing the best type of stamped concrete for your home or office, rest assured that there are countless styles, textures, and colors to choose from. This allows you the ability to create a custom driveway, walkway, or patio that will complement any building.

If your home or office has a brick exterior, then look into stamped concrete with a brick textured finish. You can choose a shade similar to that of your home’s exterior, in order to create a uniform appearance.

Homes with a stucco finish can choose a stamped concrete that matches the color of their home’s exterior, and select a pattern that they feel matches their landscaping.

There are endless possibilities where patterns are concerned, allowing home and business owners the option of creating a one-of-a-kind exterior. A popular textured finish is slate, which gives the appearance of stones. You can also choose from other popular designs such as flagstone and fieldstone.

However, the variety doesn’t stop there. If you want an imprinted finish that’s more seamless, you can choose from styles that give a textured appearance but without definitive lines, something pavers can’t offer you. By removing these joint patterns, you give the illusion of textured concrete, anywhere you choose.

You can even have textured concrete on projects such as stairs, fountains, and retaining walls, to name a few. If you can dream it, stamped concrete can be added to it.

How to Install a Stamped Concrete Driveway​

When installing stamped concrete, subgrade preparation is done to ensure the concrete is installed correctly. Once this step is complete, wood, metal, or plastic forms are installed to keep the concrete in the desired area. A slope for drainage is also left in place.

The concrete is mixed and poured, often by truck. After the concrete is poured into place, the color of your choice will be applied. The next step in this process is to begin stamping.

This is where your project will start to take shape and look like the desired outcome.

Stamps will be placed in a pattern to create the stamped finish you selected. Once this is complete, your stamped concrete will be cured. Joints will be installed and your concrete project will be complete.

Types of Concrete With a Stamped Finish​

If you’re looking to update your home or businesses’ exterior, then look no further than stamped concrete. When applying a stamped finish to a stamped concrete driveway, you’re adding a unique appearance to your home or business exterior, while increasing property value.

Consider adding a stamped concrete walkway, adding even more curb appeal. A stamped concrete finish is an affordable way of achieving an updated appearance to any home or office, can be applied on a variety of surfaces, and comes in endless color and style options.

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