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Garage Flooring Options & Services

by ConcreteCraft Nashville

Get Garage Floorings & Concrete coatings that endures a lifetime. Serving Nashville, Brentwood and Franklin, ConcreteCraft offers several options to secure and beautify your garage flooring.

For many homeowners in Middle Tennessee, a garage can become a war zone of storage, tools, automobiles, bicycles, and other household items. If you want a way to beautify and increase the aesthetic appeal of your garage, choose ConcreteCraft to install professional concrete coatings / epoxy or flake flooring systems in your home.



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Why Choose Epoxy for Your Garage Flooring

ConcreteCraft will work with you to present the best garage flooring options for your space and install floor system that looks great and will last for years.

Many of our clients choose to go with a garage epoxy coating. This is a customizable solution with industrial-strength durability that can handle just about anything. When it comes to moisture,  road salt, hot tires, gas spills, or even abrasions, epoxy stands the test of time and is a resilient garage floor system. Plus, epoxy garage flooring has little to no maintenance – talk about easy!

How durable is an epoxy floor coating?

Epoxy floor coatings and other high-performance products are durable enough to withstand frequent foot and vehicular traffic. Many resist chemical staining from oil, grease, and tires and some won’t fade to sun exposure.

Is it worth the cost to put epoxy on my garage or patio?​

Definitely – just ask the hundreds of other homeowners we’ve helped! Many prefer to use a concrete coating like epoxy because they know that while concrete is extremely strong and durable, it can delaminate and be susceptible to things like oil spills, hard abrasions, cracks, and other common tops of damage. By installing epoxy over your concrete, you are protecting yourself and your concrete from the future headache of needing to repair said concrete (which can get expensive) while upgrading your floor’s interior aesthetics.

How to prepare your garage floor for epoxy coating installation

Ready to get started on your epoxy coating for your garage floor? Here are the steps you’ll need to take:

  • Remove all items and objects from your garage floor. Literally everything (you do this)
  • Degrease the floor (our team does this)
  • Grind the concrete (our team does this)

These steps must be done before applying any flooring materials.

How much does an epoxy floor cost in the Nashville, Tennessee area?

Epoxy is a generic term that encompasses a variety of premium products. The cost in Nashville, TN, ranges from $2 to $10 per square foot depending on the preparation required, the material and technique used, and the finish desired. Remember – not all “epoxy” is the same. Be sure to choose a concrete coating crew that uses UV-resistant products that don’t yellow over time.

How long does a garage flooring installation take?

Most residential jobs take 1-3 days. Once installed, your flooring system will go through a cure time. Depending on the project, weather, and other factors (like temperature and humidity), you may need to wait an additional 1-3 days before driving onto your system.

Hire ConcreteCraft to Upgrade Your Garage

If you’re looking for the best garage flooring services in Nashville, you’ve come to the right place. ConcreteCraft has hundreds of satisfied concrete coatings customers in Middle Tennessee. 

ConcreteCraft’s teams are factory-trained, insured, and highly skilled. With us, you will the most durable and beautiful garage floor in your neighborhood. We look forward to working with you!