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Wondering how to customize your home and add unique, one-of-a-kind touches? Are you looking to make a statement in your home with beautifully finished indoor concrete?


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Interior Concrete Use Cases

Concrete isn’t just an outdoor material. It can be used inside your home in a variety of ways, from indoor concrete flooring to countertops and accent walls.
On top of that, interior concrete can be patterned, stained, and finished in countless different ways to match your home and create an incredible aesthetic. So no, you don’t need to stick with basic gray concrete if you opt for interior concrete flooring.

Want to know how many different ways you can use concrete indoors? Looking for some concrete floor ideas to spice up your home and move beyond boring wood and tile? Keep reading for all the inspiration you need to change up your home with the beauty, strength, and versatility of concrete.

Indoor Concrete Flooring

The most common way to use concrete in your home is on the floor. And no, it’s not just limited to your garage.
With ample interior concrete finish and stain options, concrete flooring works well in your main living space, entryway, bathrooms, and kitchen. Here are some of the best concrete flooring options.

Concrete floors throughout your living space not only make your home look amazing but are also easy to maintain. When concrete floors are finished properly, they are easy to keep clean, as they repel dirt and liquid, and withstand heavy impacts.

Plus, concrete floors are generally cooler than other materials. As such, they will be pleasant in the summer. If you’d like your concrete floor to be warmer in the winter, you can add radiant heating systems under the floor when installing as a way of controlling the temperature of your floor and home.

Stamped concrete offers main different patterns and textures that can resemble stone, brick, cobblestone, or even wood.

Sure, you can leave your existing concrete garage as it is. But if you spend a lot of time in there, working on your car, or using it as a workshop, you deserve better.

And an interior concrete finish to give your garage flair and make it easier to keep clean. Refinishing your garage floor will make you proud to leave your garage open for your neighbors to see.

Your basement already has a concrete floor. Most people choose to cover it up with carpet or cheap vinyl flooring. But this creates a lackluster space.

If you’d like to make your basement an enjoyable space to spend time, a better option would be to refinish your concrete floor. There are many concrete basement floor ideas. To keep it simple, you can smooth out the floor and add a glossy finish, making your basement feel much more elegant than a storage room.

Or if you want the look of wood or tile without the cost of

having it installed, you can choose a concrete overlay that resembles planks, tiles, or stones. 

Concrete Countertops

One of the most popular uses for concrete indoors is on kitchen countertops. Sure, tile and stone countertops don’t look bad, but every home has them.


If you want your kitchen to be unique, made especially for you, consider custom concrete countertops. It can be stained and colored to your preference. And a variety of finish options gives you limitless opportunities to make it your own.

For a modern look, you can choose a clean, gray concrete with a clean, smooth finish. For a more rustic approach, you can maintain the natural gritty texture of the concrete.


You can have gritty round edges, smooth flat edges, or chiseled edges. You can give the concrete a high-sheen finish or top it off with a matte finish for a more subtle look.

Interior Concrete Fireplace and Chimneys

Your fireplace can either be an afterthought, or it can be the focal point of your living space. With a custom concrete fireplace, you can create the coziest of rooms.


Concrete can usually be applied over the existing facade of a fireplace, such as brick or tile. You can use a straightforward, smooth concrete finish.
Or there are many stamped concrete options that will resemble natural rock. Stamped concrete is imprinted or patterned with molds designed from real stone. This way, you get the look of more expensive materials, but the benefit of affordable and durable concrete.


A concrete fireplace works well when it contrasts, yet complements, your existing interior. If you have a lighter room, you might opt for a darker interior concrete stain and vice versa.

Indoor Concrete Bathroom and Accent Walls

Bathrooms and concrete work very well together. Concrete can be used for a custom shower stall. Or it can be used for an elegant vanity or as a backsplash in your bathroom.

It can also be used as your bathroom’s interior concrete floor. Those looking for a sleek bathroom can use concrete to finish a bathroom from floor to ceiling.

Concrete also works great for accent walls, either in the bathroom or in any part of your home. Popular accent wall locations include bedrooms, living rooms, and entryways.

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