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Are you stuck on a home renovation project and aren’t sure what materials are best? The building supplies you use drastically change the look of the finished project. If you’re considering re-doing your driveway or even your kitchen, concrete can be a great material to incorporate. Did you know it can be used for both interior and exterior concrete projects? Decorative concrete comes in all kinds of unexpected textures, colors, and finishes. We’ve got a full guide below, with all the options to think about as you plan your renovation.

Outdoor Concrete

Concrete is a durable, strong material that’s great for outdoor building materials. It’s not the same as cement, which is a binding agent made of several ingredients like lime, silica, and alkaline, and other chemicals. Cement binds the water and the aggregate in concrete together.

What’s an aggregate? This is another material that helps the concrete harden, like sand or gravel. Sometimes even crushed stone gets mixed with the cement and water.

All these ingredients make concrete a cost-effective and workable building material. When it’s wet, it’s moldable, and when it cures, it stands up to moisture and looks beautiful. Exterior concrete can be used to make a concrete patio or concrete pool decks.

Other uses for exterior concrete include a pad for a garage, driveways, paths, and other landscaping areas. By using different colored aggregates you can change the appearance of the concrete to match your existing aesthetic. You can even use concrete over an existing driveway to make it look new again.

Indoor Concrete

Concrete isn’t just for driveways. You can also have interior concrete, for projects like a concrete fireplace or concrete flooring. Concrete flooring is popular for commercial uses, too.

Some even create concrete furniture or concrete countertops. By adding a polish to the concrete, your countertops resemble granite or marble without the high cost of fine stone. They also wear better and last longer.

Concrete as an interior material is especially helpful because you can create custom sizes and shapes to fit eclectic tastes or unique floor plans.

Interior and Exterior Concrete: Uses and Styles

No matter whether you’re using concrete to build inside your home or outside, there are ways to add to its design. Concrete stain is one way to dress up the concrete. It uses acid to change the color and make the concrete look more natural and earthy.

Coloring your concrete this way can make your budget stretch farther. Often stone like marble or granite is too pricey. Instead use concrete as a base, along with a finish or tint, to achieve the high-end sophistication you want.

There are also ways to style the concrete before it cures. Ask about one of these patterns when you have your initial consultation with the concrete company to discuss the project:


  • Polished: used to add shine/gloss
  • Stamped: gives a natural stone look, more affordable than stone
  • Traditional broom: for everyday jobs
  • Pebble: leave aggregate exposed for a rougher finish


A concrete finish will change the look significantly, so be sure to check out examples with your concrete company before you make your final decision.

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Whether you’re planning to use both interior and exterior concrete or just one option, the styles can be customized to fit your budget and preference.

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